June 6, 2013

MPFL Post Op

On Tuesday, June 4, I had my post op appointment to see how my pain level was, how far I could bend my knee and get the wrap removed.

My parents were amazing enough to drive up to my house and take me to my appointment so B did not have to take a half day off of work. Let me just say that B and my parents have been amazing through this whole thing. I am lucky that my parents do not work anymore and have the time to help me when needed and B has been waiting on me hand and foot without complaint (ok 1 complaint, but it was at 2:30 AM so he is forgiven).

Back to my appointment...

I saw my Orthopedic and his assistant - he removed my wrap and I was really surprised at how great everything looked. Yes there is still a lot of swelling but not as bad as I was thinking. I was shown how to change the brace and make it a little more comfortable - nothing about this brace is comfortable.

My doctor came in and explained how the surgery went and had me bend my knee - super nervous but I was able to bend it to 70 degrees which was really good. I proceeded to ask him if I could drive  since he told me I had to bend to 70 to get my privileges back - no shot. Which I knew, but hey a girl can try. I may get those back after another week or so. I still cannot lift my leg without physically doing it myself. 

It is really weird - my brain is telling my leg to lift up but nothing happens. My quad is still "asleep" and weak so it will be like this for a bit more. It is definitely a strange feeling. So I currently move my leg like this:

I go for another follow up next week, and then we will start to discuss physical therapy. 

A friend of mine came over yesterday to take me out to lunch and to Starbucks - that was about all I could handle, it is a lot of work with this thing on but being in the house all day is getting old, I have only left 3 times since surgery. Someone come visit!

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  1. Oh honey I just got back to blogging and reading up on everyone. Prayers for a quick recovery. If you need anything just let me know as I'm working not far from ya'll now.