May 16, 2013

Going under the knife

I am pretty sure it was the summer of 1997 or 1998 while at soccer camp the first time I dislocated my kneecap. I saw the trainer, finished out camp and came home.

My kneecap actually "subluxated" which means it pops out to the side and usually pops back into place which is different than a “dislocation” that is just an easier term

Went to an orthopedic had an MRI and my choice was to either have surgery or do PT for the summer. Since I was told I would be out for 6 months with surgery I opted to do the PT. All went well and had no problems for a couple of years. Cue dislocation again in 1999…right before my senior year of soccer was to begin. I took a couple weeks I think to rest and I got back to playing. I was told to keep wearing a brace but once I got to college ball I opted out of that…which drove my parents nuts.

I would randomly off and on feel like my knee was going to give out but nothing major until about a month ago…playing soccer

I honestly have no idea how it happened, I just remember being on the ground screaming. I have heard different versions – either way it was a dirty play. Thanks to the girl from Austin, I will be sending you the bill for this! 

This one was definitely the worst out of the 3 times; by the next day I could hardly walk and the swelling was terrible. I made an appointment to see the orthopedic and after going over my history he said that surgery would be the best option. I pretty much have a 100% chance of my knee subluxating again, and with the surgery it decreases the chances to about 2%.

I am active. I want to remain active – soccer, softball, crossfit etc…

After having my MRI and seeing that my medial patella-femoral ligament or MPFL was severely stretched I made the easy decision to get it replaced.

So on Friday, May 31 I will be having MPFL reconstructive surgery complete with a nice new cadaver ligament drilled into my knee. 

 I am not ready for the long recovery – which is about 6 months but I am ready to not have this happen again. I want to get back to sports without the worry of it popping out again.

T-minus 15 days…

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  1. Owwww. Good luck with your surgery girly... I hope for a fast recovery for you!